About CCG


CCG is guided by the highest level of technical & professional expertise by our team of Principals

Bert Verdigets, CPA, CFF, CFE, FACFEI
Expert financial analysis, BP claims handling experience

Stephen A. Scott, Sr., EGA
30 years experience high volume claims management,  production, operations, environmental & commercial events of all kinds.

Kevin C. Ingram, GA
18 years experience in catastrophic & environmental claims, catastrophe operations, extensive experience handling large complex  BP claims.


Our CPA is assisted by experienced accountants & consultants that are dedicated to each specific file.

CCG's consultants work with claimants and your firm to obtain all the necessary documents and any additional information that contribute to the determination of the "Real" value of a loss and obtaining the highest payout under the Settlement Agreement.  All of our personnel are extremely knowledgeable of the settlement agreement and claims process.

Give us a call to see how CCG can help with your claim load.